Is Your Vehicle Winter Ready?

As the days continue to cool off, we're reminded that the summertime is never quite as long as we'd like it to be. Though the first day of winter isn't technically until December 21, we know that winter weather is likely to arrive long before then. With frigid temps and snowfall on the horizon, now is the time to make sure your ride is ready for the season. Here are some preparation tips.

  1. Put together a supply kit: Snow storms and freezing conditions are among the worst times to be caught unprepared. Your emergency kit should contain warm clothes and blankets, extra gloves, a battery bank for charging a cell phone, flares, a flashlight, a bag of sand, a first aid kit, and snacks like trail and nut mixes.

  2. Install snow tires and regularly check tire pressure and tread: Proper tire pressure and good tread depth are essential for navigating slippery conditions.

  3. Keep up to date with oil changes and consider switching to "winter-grade" oil: Colder temps can cause oil to thicken, so a lower viscosity oil will perform better.

  4. Change wiper blades: Harsh conditions can cause wiper blades to harden and crack. You might be surprised the difference a set of new wiper blades can make.

  5. Have your battery tested: This will help ensure you're not caught out in the cold.

  6. Ensure vehicle heat and defrost settings are functioning: Stay shielded from plummeting temps.

  7. Ensure headlights are functioning at full brightness: Seeing and being seen are especially critical in the darker and more inclement winter months.

Of course, the most important step of all is simply keeping up with your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule to keep it running at peak performance. According to Mazda's Schedule 2, every 5,000 miles, you should change the oil and filter; inspect lighting functionality; inspect brake, clutch, coolant, and washer fluid levels, and rotate and inspect the tires. Suspension, bearings, steering, hoses, and fuel lines should be inspected every 30,000 miles; and belts should be inspected every 35,000 miles.

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