What is Mazda SKYACTIV Technology?

As a name you might have heard a few times, SKYACTIV technology is very important to Mazda models. It isn't just one particular part that changes how a Mazda performs, but the whole system designed a different way by specialists at Mazda. Our team at Mazda of West Ridge will ensure you can find the new Mazda model that performs exactly how you want it to.



What Does SKYACTIV Technology Do?

Mazda SKYACTIV technology gives you a more exciting performance, better efficiency, and a more dynamic experience. The expert engineers at Mazda have found a way to make driving even better and we want you to make sure you understand all of these benefits.


SKYACTIV engines have a higher compression ratio than a conventional engine so that it can compress the air-fuel mixture at a higher degree for more energy through every drop of fuel.


There are two transmissions that have come through the SKYACTIV technology: a six-speed automatic and a six-speed manual. Each of these are designed to give a responsive experience and to help you get the best feeling of control whenever you drive.


Lightweight and powerful, the SKYACTIV chassis embodies everything drivers are looking. It can be nimble at low speeds to keep your Mazda under control and stable under high speeds so that you can feel safe.


Get Behind the Wheel to Feel the Difference

The best way to see how SKYACTIV technology makes a Mazda feel is to get behind the wheel and see it for yourself. No matter if you are looking for a sedan or an SUV, we are sure that we can find the model that meets all the needs of your life. We encourage you to visit us soon so that we can help you find the one with the features and capabilities you are looking for.

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